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The dates in brackets are the years spent working in the Territory of Papua New Guinea or the Northern Territory

DAVE ARGENT (1964-70) was in Namatanai, Wapenamanda, Keltiga, Minj, Mt Hagen and Bulolo. Hes retired from teaching and lives at Redbank near Port Macquarie

KEITH BAIN (1964-66) taught at Bau, Sagalau, Lorengau and Hutjena. He is now a London-based academic

HENRY BODMAN (1964-75) was posted to Tavui, Kabagap and Port Moresby. He lives in Brisbane and has retired after a successful business career

DIANE BOHLEN (1964-70) still teaches in Brisbane and was at Korobosea

COL BOOTH (1964-72) was at Pila Pila, Rabaul, Tavui, Mendi, Saidor, Namau, Taladig and Miak. He is a Port Macquarie entrepreneur

WENDY BOOTH (1964-72) taught in Rabaul, Tavui, Namau and Talidig. She lives in Port Macquarie and has retired from teaching

JEFF CHAPMAN (1964-75) served at Magarida, Hood Lagoon, Ihu, Kerema, Kundiawa, Vanimo and Port Moresby. He is at the Defence Department in Canberra

JOE CRAINEAN (1964-67) spent time at Oiyarip, Lake Murray and Oriomo River. He lives in Brisbane after retiring as a manager in the Department of Immigration

BOB DAVIS (1964-76) was at Wantoat, Dregerhafen, Wau, Igam, Bulae, Gordon, Korobosea and Konedobu. Hes deputy head of Canberra Grammar Primary School

PAT DWYER was a patrol officer in Chimbu, Manus and elsewhere. Hes married to Margaret Dwyer (1964-75) who taught at Butaweng, Kila Kila, Korobosea, Lorengau, Logea and Dregerhafen. They live in Perth

HELENE EAST (1964-78) was posted to Raluana, Kusbau, Madang and Port Moresby. She is retired in Darwin

JUSTINE FINTER (1964-73) taught at Kaugere and Bavaroko. Retired from teaching, she lives at Mapleton in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast

BARRY FLANNERY (1964-73) was in Ufeto, Amaiyufa, Agarabi and Port Moresby. Hes retired from teaching and lives in Nambour

SONIA GRAINGER (1964-67) served at Bumneng and Dregerhafen. She lives in Lithgow

ROD HARD (1964-76) was at Mt Hagen, Minj and at Boroko East, Ela Beach and Murray Barracks in Port Moresby. Hes director of a financial planning firm in Castle Hill, Sydney

COLIN HUGGINS (1964-69) taught at Dregerhafen, Gagidu, Kambili, Wau and Pindiu. He has retired and lives in Brisbane

KEITH JACKSON (1964-76) was posted to Kundiawa, Gagl, Rabaul, Kieta and Port Moresby. Hes chairman of Sydney-based public relations firm Jackson Wells Morris

RICHARD JONES (1964-76) spent time in Aroma, Hagara, Sogeri, Kila Kila, Boera, Murray Barracks, Magarida and Bavaroko. He has retired from the Bendigo Advertiser

MOLLY KREIDL (1964-72) taught in Goroka. She still teaches in Brisbane and is vice president of the Queensland Teachers Union

JEAN LOWE (1964-68) was in Dogura, Tarakaruru, Sefoa, Gona and Kumbun. Retired from teaching, she lives in Sydney

LES LYONS (1964-77) served at Kopiago, Bugandi and on Bougainville. He runs his own consultancy in Perth

IAN McLEAN (1964-66) taught at Idubada and Kundiawa. He works for the US Foreign Broadcast Information Service in Okinawa

BARRY PATERSON (1964-81) served at Tufi, Sangara, Popondetta, Lae, Goldie River and Murray Barracks. Hes an Anglican priest and lives near Mossman in Far North Queensland

HOWARD RALPH (1964-66) taught at Nunga. He lives in Sydney and is a doctor

VAL RIVERS (1964-70) was based in Daru, Dregerhafen, Gagidu, Wabag, Kavieng and Goroka. She has retired to the Clare Valley in South Australia

BRIAN SMITH (1964-71) spent time in Dregerhafen, Lofengau, Oriomo River and Lae. He lives near Ballina in northern NSW

ROGER STANLEY (1964-66) was in Mendi and Koroba and has retired to Ballina

BARRY VINCENT (1964-74) was posted to Tubesereia, Pari and Port Moresby. Hes retired to Lake Macquarie in NSW

BILL WELBOURNE (1964-76) spent his time in Rabaul and Port Moresby. He has retired from teaching to a property outside Brisbane

DAVID WESTOVER (1964-76) served at Beswick, Goulburn Island, Anurugu, Umbakumba, Milimgimbi and Darwin. Hes retired in Adelaide