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May 2005



If you intend participating in the reunion, could you please remit $80 covering Saturday dinner [$35], the bus tour [$10] and Sunday lunch [$35]. Remittances should be made to Keith Jackson.


Friday 30 September
During the late afternoon and evening we’ll meet, greet and eat at the Cremorne Hotel, next door to the Concierge Apartments.

Saturday 1 October
Late morning we’ll gather at The Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay for a get-together and lunch. Part of the hotel will be set aside for our use. Then at 7 pm at night we’ll gather at Raymond’s Tai Kwun Garden Restaurant, Neutral Bay, for dinner. It’s five minutes walk from The Oaks for those who are making a big day of it.

Sunday 2 October
At 10.30 the Mosman Bus Company’s coach will pull up outside The Concierge to ferry us to Middle Head and the old ASOPA campus. Rod Hard is arranging access to a few cooling beverages while we inspect the venerable ruins of our youthful folly. By around 11.30 we’ll be debussing at the Mosman Club at Mosman Junction for the official reunion lunch. Late stayers are welcome to attend a valedictory evening gathering at Mido Restaurant, Neutral Bay.


IN [52] - Dave & Kerry Argent; Bill & Joan Bergen; Henry & Janelle Bodman; Diane & Bill Bohlen; Col & Wendy Booth; Dennis & Ros Burrell; Jeff & Robyn Chapman; Joe Crainean; Bob Davis; Margaret Dwyer, Elizabeth McKenna Lynch & Therese Scott; Sonia Grainger; Rod Hard; Colin Huggins; Justine Finter; Keith & Ingrid Jackson & Libby Lowig; Allan Jones; Richard & Judyth Jones; Dave & Elissa Kesby; Pam & Palle Kruger; Peter & Marg Lewis; Jean Lowe; Les & Margaret Lyons; Ian & Belinda McLean; Maxine Mundell; Rory O’Brien; Howard & Glenda Ralph; Val Rivers; Roger Stanley & Sue Core; Bill Welbourne; David & Lorraine Westover; Bill & Anita Wilson

AT THE CONCIERGE [so far] – Dave & Kerry Argent, Henry & Janelle Bodman, Diane & Bill Bohlen, Dennis & Ros Burrell, Bob Davis, Margaret Dwyer, Justine Finter, Sonia Grainger, Pam & Palle Kruger, Peter & Marg Lewis, Elizabeth McKenna Lynch, Maxine Mundell, Val Rivers, Therese Scott, Bill Welbourne.


JOE CRAINEAN [Wishart QLD] - I walked over the ASOPA site this time last year and find the report regarding its dilapidated condition accurate. Perhaps a picnic or BBQ on the grounds nearby may be appropriate.

BOB DAVIS [Tweed Heads NSW] - Sorry for not replying earlier but I'm up at the Tweed again till the end of June. I went out and bought myself a new laptop this morning and have only just read the latest Mail. I have also booked in at the Concierge or thought I had. I guess I should check and make sure at some stage.

MAXINE MUNDELL [Victoria Falls NSW] - Noticed in the last copy of The Mail that my name and Sonia's had been left off the list for the Concierge. I have booked a room for Sonia and me to share for the Friday and Saturday nights. The room is booked in my name. This was done some time ago. They have my credit card number so there should be no problem.
Sounds like you have planned another great weekend for us all. The following weekend Sonia and I will be going to our boarding school reunion at St Vincent's College at Potts Point so I think we will be quite reunioned out come the end of October.

KEITH BAIN [London England] - Thanks for sending on the message from the bloke interested in Saint Sebastian. I did send him an email but he hasn't replied. I guess that he might be on holidays or something but I suspect that he will not reply. I shan't be surprised. I shall explain when we see you in Sydney in July.
Peter and Margaret Lewis are coming to dinner here next Tuesday night. I've warned them that I shall be doing most of the cooking but promised that I'm a little better at it than I was at 133 Sydney Road.

ALEX MAGGS [Suva Fiji] – Bula Keith. We have a company here and I have been working in Fiji for the last ten years for two Australian Universities, but three years ago established a branch in Suva delivering business and applied management consultancy and training services. Recently I went on a trade mission with Fiji government marketing our services to PNG.
In order to deliver short business courses in PNG, I needed to register as a trainer for work permit reasons. Apart from my degree verification, I had to show them a copy of my Teachers Certificate. Hence the reason to contact you. Trust you are well and thanks for your prompt reply. That's the Keith (Kis) I always knew!