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June 2006


This 100th number of The Mail is a somewhat abbreviated issue, relieved totally by Henry Bodman’s account of a recent reuniting with Moose Davis and Barry Vincent. Henry’s a bit sore I zipped in and out of Noosa during the month without paying due respect to His Grace. Better news is that Ingrid and I will be in Brisvegas for a couple of days late August (20-22) and look forward to Hen and chums showing us a good time then, including the ceremonial ‘walking of the route’ of the 2007 reunion. Congratulations to Joe Crainean on once again tying the knot. And keep that news coming in.

HENRY BODMAN [Fig Tree Pocket QLD] - With 2007 almost upon us (what happened to that last six months?) the pieces are starting to fall into place for the 1962-63 Third Event. And, with this, a few more of the inner sanctum wend their way north to check out the facilities.

While Keithy decided to sneak into the Sunshine Coast and not say g'day, the Peter and Marg Lewis duo came, saw and were feted. Colliewobbles (aka Colin Huggins) arranged for them to stay at an Accor address and to tip their toe in the water of what the accommodation can be expected to be in 2007. Yon Col also managed to get a firm price, which will be at least $60 per night cheaper than the going rate.

On 23 June for lunch, with Col and the Lewis's, were Bill Welbourne, Joe Crainean and Henry B. This guinea pig group had lunch at Bow Thai and this looks a strong contender for the Sunday lunch of the 2007 event.

Tomorrow (Sunday 2 July) Joe Crainean ties the knot and I am sure all will join Janelle and me in wishing him and his lovely bride everything which they could wish for themselves.

Finally, our old Canberra ‘Mr Chips’, Bob Davis, has found his way back to sunny Queensland and a couple of weekends ago he and I enjoyed a very pleasant drive to Hervey Bay. We had a great night with Barry Vincent in very comfortable digs on a hill overlooking the water. We were immediately back into the 60's and I am amazed at Barry's memory and enjoyed reliving things I’d forgotten about. ASOPA, PNG and Oz times were covered and the cheeky young teenager we first met in 1962 is still there, let me assure you.

We imbibed quite mildly which was a bad move for me. Moose's snores (he'd booked us into the same room - tight bugger) shook the motel to its foundations and I faced Sunday minus sleep. Even had to watch some rugby just to twist the knife a bit more.

Sunday saw us have a convivial walk along the massive Hervey Bay jetty (used to have very large ships berthing there) before a resumption of nostalgia. The time flew and it is clear a few more weekends are needed in Hervey Bay to fully catch up with our little Pommy mate.

While signs of Barry's Parkinson's condition were occasionally evident the cheeky young betting man distracted completely from these. It is very clear that wife Jamie and son Glen are taking very good care of 'Cenz. I know his mates would want to hear all of this.