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Bob ‘Moose’ Davis was misnamed. And it was Dave Argent’s fault. He got the wrong character. Should have been Yogi – who also was wont to sleep. At the end of a social at Lane Cove Town Hall, God Save the Queen didn’t wake Moose, so he was left there.

Richard Jones is always ready to add colour and movement to the most mundane observation. “I am delighted,” he enthuses, “to see some people, as I did, reverting to their birth name (Richard’s emphasis) after the excesses of youth had passed”. An intriguing observation. “I refer here to silversmith Michael Wilson, whom we knew as Mick.” Aha! Richard continues with a personal history of when he changed the name we all knew him by. “My own newspaper by-lines transmogrified from Dick to Richard in PNG Post Courier days in the late 60s and have continued in that format ever since.”

Richard Jones says he’d love to tell Kurt Argent in person that he was “always known to my family (and still am) as Richard. My father was John Ellis Jones and I do have his middle name. As an old editor said to me back in the 1970s: “People mightn't know much, but whatever else you get wrong in a story never forget one thing - they sure as hell know their own names”.

Richard Jones, in order to satisfy debate about his real age (62), forwards his birth register. Unnecessary though this be, I’m intrigued to learn his dad was a publican born in the Welsh village of Cwllynfell. Things are starting to fall into place.